Le Château de Boucéel Chambres d'Hôtes


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  • Sleeps from 2 to 12 people in 5 bedrooms
  • B&B / Chambres d'hôtes
  • Internet / WiFi
  • Child friendly
  • Owner on site

Our large and spacious bedrooms have been renovated with great care.

They are named from Family members who have stayed here.

Period antiques and family portraits adorn the walls. Bathrooms are fine and modern.

From the bedrooms you can see the ponds, the park and surrounding nature.

The 5 bedrooms are:

"Chambre de l'oncle François" Queen size 63 in. bed with canopy and Louis XV wood panelling. Bathroom with bathtub, shower and toilet.

"Chambre de Ba-mé" Queen size bed 63 in. alcove, Louis XVI wood panelling and parquet floor. Bathroom with bathtub and shower cabin, toilet.

"Chambre de Charlotte" Queen size bed with canopy and Louis XVI wood panelling. Parquet floor. Bathroom with bathtub, shower and toilet. Antechamber with single bed.

"Chambre de Nelly" Suite 3 persons with canopy, twin beds and Louis XV wood panelling. Parquet floor. Antechamber. Bathroom shower cabin and toilet.

"Chambre de la Marquise" Alcove with 55 in. bed and Louis XVI wood panelling, parquet floors, Antechamber. Bathroom with bathtub-shower and toilet.

No Smoking. Wi-Fi. No pets. We speak French, English and Spanish.

Extra people are charged at €25 per person, breakfast included. Small children can stay free of charge in 120cm bed.

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Since the 12th century, located in Normandy nearby Brittany, the Boucéel estate is in the Mont Saint Michel Bay, close the Mount and its Abbey ” La Merveille” on the road of the pilgrims who where going there. The present château, built in 1763 is still our family home, for many generations, recently opened to guests. Our bedrooms, renovated, are named from family members who have lived here.

Nicole, my wife and I, will welcome you as friends………See you soon!

The address:

Le Château de Boucéel, Vergoncey, Normandie, 50240, France

Mont Saint Michel

In year 709, the bishop of Avranches, Saint Aubert, decides to build a chapel and to establish priests to pray the Archangel St Michel on a desert rock called: the mount "Tombe". In 966, Benedictines monks settle there. They reorganize lodging houses to make a monastery. About year 1020, the community decides to build an immense church on the summit of the rock. The conventual buildings being all around. In the XIIIth century, new constructions are built in the North, six magnificent rooms which will be called: the Marvel. It is the high pilgrimages period which make the Mount one of the most famous places of all the Christendom. Following the collapse of the Romanic choir in 1424, a new blazing Gothic choir which gives to the abbey this so original aspect, is built.

Crossings of the bay of the Mt Saint Michel

By feet or by horse, starting from Bec d’Andaine, Saint Jean le Thomas or Saint Léonard, you will discover the Bay. Accompanied with guides, you can see the “Mascaret”, this wave which invades the river “Couesnon " announcing the arrival of the sea, which surrounds Mt St Michel; discover the flora and the fauna, the history of Tombelaine and pilgrimages, the legends, the phenomenon of tides and maybe even see seals!

Saint Malo

It is with the discovery of Americas and the development of exchanges with India that Saint-Malo takes its economic flight. The ship owners become more numerous and characters of this period make the fame of the city. Jacques Cartier discovers and investigates Canada, privateers harass the enemy merchant and military navy, such Duguay-Trouin or Surcouf. Others become famous in Sciences, as Maupertuis, or in litterature as Chateaubriand. Today sailors fight in big sailing races as the solitary “La Route du Rhum” which runs from St-Malo to Pointe-à-Pitre or The Quebec - St-Malo transatlantic with a crew.

The D Day beaches

The landing of Normandy began June 6th, 1944, when 130.000 troops land on the Normandy beaches - Operation Overlord has started. Very early in the morning, British and Americans troops are parachuted. Then by sea, in hardly a day, 130.000 soldiers are off-loaded on Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah beaches. In Arromanches, an artificial port is built. Longues sur mer battery, the Pointe du Hoc, Pegasus bridge, Sainte Mère l’Eglise are the places of violent fights.

Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial

During the Overlord operation, about 100 000 soldiers (approximately 40 000 Allies and 60 000 Germans) died in Normandy during the summer 1944 fights. Some of them were repatriated in their home country but very great majority were buried in the Norman ground. Numerous cemeteries: Saint James, Colleville sur mer, La Cambe, Mont de Huisnes, Bény sur mer, Douvres la Délivrande, Orglandes remind these hard fights.

The Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry, also known as Queen Mathilde tapestry would have been ordered by Odon de Bayeux, half brother of Guillaume the Conqueror. The legend says that it is queen Mathilde, helped by her ladies, who made it. It describes the Norman conquest of England in 1066. It details the key events like the battle of Hastings. The Bayeux Tapestry has an inestimable documentary value for the knowledge of the Norman and English XIth century. The tapestry is registered since 2007 on the Unesco World Report.

Restaurants closeby.

27 and 18 holes golf courses.

Possibility to visit the D-Day Landing Beaches with an English speaking driver / guide. (1 to 4 persons or 5 to 8 persons)

We are 310 kms from Paris, 18 kms from Mont-Saint-Michel, 30 kms from the beach & 55 kms from Saint-Malo.

We welcome guests arriving by helicopter. Co-ordinates 48° 33' 54" N - 1° 21' 52" W

See our website for more details http://www.chateaudebouceel.com/anglais/venirUK.php

The Boucéel estate dates back to the beginning of the 12th century. It was awarded by Richard III duke of Normandy to the Pigace family. The present château is a Listed Building built in 1763. It is the third one on the estate. The second was a large square castle with four towers, typical of the Knight Templars, and a stopping place for the Mont Saint Michel pilgrims in the Middle Ages. This one is a large “ Malouinière” ( typical Saint Malo architecture at the time of King Louis XIV) with a curve forwarded fronton on the North side, with primes on the South side and two lower wings on each side that give it a wide spread.

In 1434, at the end of the One Hundred years War, the Pigace family gave three out of the 119 known Knights for the defence of Mont saint Michel when England had a siege to take it and they never did. During the French Revolution the Marquis de Montecot had officially emigrated even though we have no proof he ever did. His wife, the Marquise, very intelligently asked for divorce in 1792 in order to become the only owner of the estate and save it. (In this period emigrated aristocrats properties were confiscated).

There was here, during the French Revolution a bloody struggle between the local Republican army called “Les Bleus” and the farmer’s army called “Les Chouans”. The Republican burned the furniture and all that was inside the château but one portrait (the Marquise portrait which is still in the Marquise bedroom) and one book still here. It burned for three days! By the time, the Marquis had come back and became a Colonel in the Chouans army. He hid in the château for many years.

The Marquise sued the Bonaparte Government (for having burnt her furniture and belongings and she won). For that reason we know exactly what was burnt!

During WWII the château was occupied by Wermacht officers in summer 1940. They only stayed 3 months because there was not electricity here until 1948. My father, Arnaud de Roquefeuil, slightly wounded and made prisoner at first managed to come back and participated in the French Resistance in the” Liberation Nord Réseau”. He was arrested in Boucéel the 10th of July 1944 and brought in deportation towards the concentration camp Bucchenwald. He was lucky never to arrive because the railroad had been destroyed at La Chapelette Bridge in Peronne.

Owner details

Comtesse Nicole de Roquefeuil

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Seasons & Prices

Season Start Date End Date Price p/n
High Season 'Charlotte or Nelly' April 1, 2012 Nov. 4, 2012 €160 p/n
High Season 'François, Bamé or Marquise' April 1, 2012 Nov. 4, 2012 €180 p/n
Low Season All Rooms Nov. 5, 2012 Dec. 23, 2012 €140 p/n


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